Wearing Black

Wearing Black

Tips to Wearing All Black

In various lines of work including the beauty industry, many people are required to dress in an all-black professional ensemble. Some might consider this boring since they’re convinced that they can count on both hands (possibly less) the number of ways to wear black pants and a collared shirt. On the contrary, there are limitless ways to style such an outfit. In fact, what’s not to love about black? It’s widely available, affordable and classy. Also, let’s not forget that it’s quite forgiving. Not only does this color palette create a slender silhouette, but also can swiftly elevate your outfit to tres chic in a matter of minutes with the right accessories. On the other hand, if you’re addicted to color, then there’s also simple ways to add some pizzazz back into your dark wardrobe. Here are a few outfit ideas as well as tips that will make you obsessed with wearing all black!

* Bohemian Rockstar

One part hipster, the other ladylike and romantic, this styling combo mixes both hard and soft elements together. My favorite adaptation of this style is a motorcycle jacket, maxi and boots; second runner-up being a jumpsuit. Throw in a fedora, and you’ll be one foxy-looking lady! Come fall or summer, that black maxi can be styled according to the weather.

Throw In Some Color: Dip-dyed hair, neon lipstick, bright colored handbag

* Uptown Girl

The LBD, little black dress, is a HUGE closet staple as you can wear it for several occasions, and it’s oh-so-chic in the color of the night. Swap your LBD for a pencil skirt or fitted trousers, throw on a blazer and you’ve got yourself one svelte-looking ensemble!

Throw In Some Color: Colored blazer or pumps, gold jewelry

* Casual Cool

This noir interpretation is all about comfort and ease. Sport your skinny jeans, chucks (converse sneakers) and favorite tee all in, you got it, all black.

Throw In Some Color: Colored outerwear (such as raincoat), printed scarves, bold blush

* Tips

1. Wash black clothes in cold water to prevent from fading.

2. Black is an instant classic, but the importance is in the details such as leather trim, any bedazzling or studs and especially fabric. Opt for fabrics that are special such as patent leather, suede, satin, lace and so forth.

3. Wear items that fit your body and show off your best assets. Therefore, if they are oversized, wear a belt or compromise with a fitted item. For example, oversized top + leggings or fitted top + roomier bottoms.

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