Ways to Accessorize Without Jewelry

Ways to Accessorize Without Jewelry
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I love jewelry. I am not devoted to one specific kind or piece and I tend to wear a lot of it. However, I often forget about the other accessories which are equally as fabulous such as belts, scarves, hats and sunglasses. These are items that can easily dress up or dress down an outfit and can really personalize a look.


There are two dresses I bought that came with their own skinny belts that I use for other dresses and to add shape to a couple of thinner shirts I own. Also, I bought one of those metal-studded belts after seeing Carrie Bradshaw wear it in the first Sex and the City movie. However, right now I'm seeing belts with bows, jewels, wider belts and other designs that can help change the look of an outfit. Since they are so versatile, a belt is a good investment for an accessory.


Scarves are probably one of my favorite accessories. I received a pashmina as a gift a couple of years ago and wear it with everything. However, I am a fan of the infinity scarves. Wearing different prints and designs is an easy way to add color to an outfit. Also, you can wear scarves in your hair, shorter ones around the neck, or even as a belt.


I've already mentioned once before that I have every possible type of hat there is. I love my big, floppy white hat for beach times and my newsboy cap for the winter. The latest hat I have my eye on is a crocheted beret, but unsure yet if I will be able to pull it off. Hats are great when you don't have time to (or don't want to) do your hair. Also, I wear hats when I have my hair pulled back to show off new earrings. ;)


Sometimes it's hard to find the right sunglasses for my face shape. I also have a habit of losing them, sitting on them and throwing them in my purse (to break). Therefore, I do buy inexpensive sunglasses, but I like the style of aviators (looks good on almost everyone) and the huge, Olsen-sister style sunglasses as well. TJ Maxx, Charlotte Russe and Kohl's often have sunglasses for around $10 or less. And, near the beach, I can pick from lots of styles for cheap.

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