Victorias Secret Model Makeup

Victorias Secret Model Makeup

Beauty Secrets From the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Victorias Secret Model Makeup
Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but the Victoria’s Secret fashion show is a blatant reminder that it never hurts to have ultra-sexy smoky eyes, bedroom hair and a collection of lacy, racy underpinnings to catch his eye. Follow these VS makeup tips and people may mistake you for a supermodel (and, if you’ve got the right strut, you can turn the pavement into a veritable catwalk wherever you go). Try on Victoria's Secret model makeup in our virtual makeup studio.

Perfect, fresh-looking skin is the mark of a Victoria’s Secret model (See Exhibit A: Heidi Klum ). Liquid foundation should yield a smooth, light-reflecting finish: apply with a foundation brush and blend well with a damp makeup sponge. Apply a hint of bronzer wherever the sun would hit your face naturally, or build streak-free color gradually with a self-tanner made for daily use. The goal is to look like yourself, just a bit warmer and dreamier.

Adriana Lima proves that Victoria’s Secret models always look fresh and youthful, with cheeks that are flushed (as if they just had a romp in the hay). Simulate their pretty cheeks with a soft peach or apricot blush. Silky creams or gels will bring out your face’s natural glow. Make them last all day by setting with a powder blush in a similar hue.

Luscious lashes are non-negotiable. Curl yours with an eyelash curler, then apply three to five individual, medium-length falsies to the outer corners of each eye, using tweezers for precise application. With a steady hand, rim the top and bottom lashes with black or dark brown liner. Formula options are three-fold: kohl pencil, liquid, or wet powder—all of which will need to be smudged with a Q-tip. Finish with volumizing mascara.

Lips at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show run the gamut from fruit-juicy to nude, but the color should be sheer, like second-skin. Gloss should be weightless, never goopy. A neutral-colored lip pencil and a swipe of golden gloss impart sex appeal without looking like you have a lot of makeup on.


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