Think before throwing away!

Think Before Throwing Away!

Don't Just Throw Away Old Clothes....

old clothes
There are many things you can do with old clothes.

1. Donate It.
Donate clothing you no longer want to the Goodwill or Salvation Army. Many organizations will even come and pick the clothing up from you. You can also donate clothing to homeless shelters and church charities. If you have old towels or bedding those can be given to your local animal shelter or rescue. You might think that no one wants your old stained or ripped clothing but that's far from the truth. Clothing that has no other use can be recycled by chopping it into a fine fiber called shoddy which is used in installation, filtration systems and mattresses.

2. Sell It.
Clothes you no longer wear but are still stylish or considered vintage can be resold to someone else which saves them money, makes you some and is much better for the environment than just tossing it. Old clothing can be sold online on websites like Ebay, Bonanzle, and Craigslist, or locally at consignment shops or yard sales.

3. Swap It.
Internet sites like Swapstyle or Rehash allow registered users to swap clothing with each other. You post what you want to get rid of and what you are looking for in exchange. If someone wants to make a swap they will contact you and then you send your unwanted clothing to each other.

4. Quilt Squares.
Old clothing can be cut into quilt squares and used to make a beautiful quilt. Many people like to make "Memory"quilts using pieces of favorite clothing. If you don't quilt yourself there are many quilting groups who would love to have your quilt squares.

5. Jean Purse.
Turn old jeans into a cute purse by cutting off the legs where they attach to the midsection and sewing the leg holes clothes. To make a shoulder strap for carrying, cut a 4 inch wide and 20 inch length of material from the leg. Fold the strip in half and sew closed. To finish attach to the inside top of the purse. To personalize your jean purse you can add patches, fabric paint and imitation jewels.

6. Halloween Costumes.
Save money during Halloween by making a costume out of old clothing instead of spending a lot of money on a costume you will only wear one time. Some common costumes you can make out of old clothing are witches, Gypsies, clowns, pirates and zombies. Just use your imagination and see what you can come up with.

7. Hot or Cold Rice Pack.
Turn old flannel shirts or pajamas into comforting hot or cold rice packs. To make a rice pack simply cut a rectangle or square shape out of your old flannel clothing. Next fold the flannel over and sew two sides closed. Fill with rice ( not instant) and sew closed. To use, heat in the microwave for a couple of minutes if you need a warm rice pack, or cool in the freezer if you need a cold rice pack.

8. Bean Bags.
Bean bags are easy to make out of old clothes. Just cut squares out of clothing, fold over and sew two sides closed. To finish fill with beans and sew up the remaining side.

9. Gift Wrapping.
Cloth cut from old clothing makes a cute and unique gift wrap for small items. Just cut out a piece of cloth big enough to gather around your item. Place the item on top of the cloth and tie closed with a pretty ribbon.

10. Plant Ties.
Use strips of cotton from old t shirts to tie plants upright. Cloth plant ties are gentler on your plants and better for the environment as they naturally decompose.

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