The Evolution of Vintage Wedding Dresses

The Evolution of Vintage Wedding Dresses
They say old is gold and that adage is well captured by the vintage wedding dresses They have evolved from as early as 1900 to date with each decade coming with its new designs. This article will take you through that long journey looking at wedding dresses of every decade, their key features and improvements coming with succeeding dresses.

1920 to 1930- this is the earliest that the wedding dresses can be traced. The dresses had hemlines rising from the shoes right to the knee. The waist was freely defined as it dropped down. It was a very glamorous dress available in the 20s for women and had a valued addition to a wedding ceremony.

1930 to 1940- this decade saw a change of name from dresses to gowns and the marketing strategy worked really well for manufacturers. It was typical of these dresses to sweep the floor and that was intentional to make sure a trail was left behind. The train for this gown was separable and that was a remarkable improvement from the previous style. With that, it became easy for women to make their movements on the wedding day and that came with flexibility.

1940 to 1950- these vintage wedding dresses had their improvements as well. Unfortunately, those improvements went away with the glamour associated with bridal gowns since it lacked key accessories. The design for these dresses was a bit masculine as the shoulders were broad while a lot of focus was concentrated on the waistline. Even though the wedding dresses of 40s were not very friendly to women compared to previous styles, they were still used since there was no other option.

1950 to 1960- this was the decade that marked a quick turnaround to the vintage wedding dresses. They were luxurious and came with glamour which was a departure from tradition in comparison to previous dresses. They were fashionable and modest enough as civilization began gaining roots in the society. People were starting to realize the need for dressing in a decent way bringing out the real woman in a bride.
1960 to 1970- the vintage wedding dresses of 60s were trendy and came mostly in scoop necks and miniskirts. This was the first time that brides wore short skirts and it was acceptable considering the changing times. Fashion stores were stocked with these dresses as the previous ones had quickly run out of stock. The high demand for these trendy dresses sent a strong message on how receptive the market was.

1970 to 1980- maxi dresses were very commonly used in the 70s for bridal gowns and covered the entire body with a realm waist. The skirt suits as well as pants came with total comfort and well suited for a wedding mood. Most of the materials were synthetic including rayon and polyester.
1980 and 1990- this was the last decade of vintage dresses. They had huge shoulders, extras of 3-dimensions as well as flashy adornments. The dresses are just memorable as they made women look bolder, independent and stronger.

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You need to have a look at the evolution story of vintage wedding dresses from 1930 to 1990 and understand the changes it has gone through. There are many styles that you can take a consideration of before choosing the ideal one for giving your wedding a traditional touch. There a lot desired about vintage wedding dresses and bridal gowns.
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