The Best Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

The Best Sunglasses for Your Face Shape
The Best Sunglasses For Your Face Shape
Here’s the dilemma about shopping for sunglasses: It’s tough to see how you look in them once you slip tinted lenses on the bridge of your nose (this prevents you from seeing how well the frames suit your skin and hair coloring). To make finding your perfect sunglasses a cinch, we’ve created a way for you to try them on before you buy and see yourself as others see you. Upload a photo to our virtual makeover studio to try on the best sunglasses for your face shape.

Sunglasses For Oval Faces

Square-shaped frames with softly rounded edges and high temples are no-fail for you. Fortunately, you can pull off any frame shape—even wraparounds or shield sunglasses, which are difficult for most women to get away with.

Sunglasses For Round Faces

Frames that are slightly wider than the broadest part of your face have a slimming effect.  Add definition to cherubic cheeks with angular frames (think soft rectangles or squares). High temples work to create the illusion of a longer profile.

Sunglasses For Heart Faces

Draw attention away from the top part of your face by choosing narrow frames no wider than your forehead. Avoid temples that are too high, opting for shapes that angle outward at the bottom corners.

Sunglasses For Oblong Faces

Make sure your sunglasses don’t extend beyond the widest part of your face. Round- or square-shaped frames are best bets, particularly any designs with long vertical lines or decorative temples. They add width to a long face.

Sunglasses For Square Faces

Soften the angles of your face in soft, curvaceous styles: round, oval or cat eye frames will help you achieve your best look. Sunglasses with higher temples add length to a short face and classic oval frames are no-fail.

Sunglasses For Diamond Faces

Your goal is to find sunglasses with frames that are curved or rimless. Oval frames work best to soften the contours of your face. They shouldn’t be wider than the top of your cheekbones for your prettiest effect.--Stephanie Simons


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