Summer/Fall Color Combinations

Summer/Fall Color Combinations

Stretch Out Summer Trends and Take Them Into Fall

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Sometimes fashion can be pretty predictable. When spring begins, we know we’ll be seeing florals and pastels. When summer is on the horizon, we’re looking at bright pops of colors like this year’s neons with specific focus on the often forgotten coral. Now that fall is looming closer to the horizon, we will begin to see the magazines highlighting autumn colors: burgundy, navy blue, golds and the like. However, even though seasons change, it doesn’t mean you have to let go of your favorite summer trends.

There will be some overlapping in the transitional August/September months and there are many different color combinations that mix seasons so that summer doesn’t have to end so soon.

Neon yellow and gray. I really love this color combo because of the stark contrast. Nothing mutes a color more than a sophisticated gray. Neon by itself screams summer, but when it’s subdued with a mix of neutral, then it can be worn into the cooler months and still look on trend. An easy way to capture this look is a gray cardigan with neon yellow striping, but really I’m wanting a gray, pleated skirt with a neon yellow horizontal stripe at the bottom. If anyone finds one, let me know!

Hot pink and brown. Brown is definitely an overlooked color because worn too much, it can look well, a little muddy. Pun intended. But brightened up with a color that epitomizes party, then together they can work well. Pair with silver accessories, and the look is complete. My clothing choice for this color duo: a printed hot pink and chocolate brown wrap dress.

Black and white. White was one of THE hot trends this summer. It’s so fresh and looks stunning against tanned skin. This classic mix can be worn such a number of ways, it breaks all the fashion rules; especially, that supposed one that states you can’t wear white after Labor Day. Plain black pants with a plain white top might be borderline cater waiter, but reversed the look is simply fabulous.

Summer isn’t over yet and when we mix our summer trends with the ones of fall, we have a whole new array of ideas and clothing creations. Which color combinations are your favorite?

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