summer artical

Summer Artical

It's Summer Time!

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so its summer now and well if you have enjoyed the previous articals i have submited then your going to love this.
Maxi dresses have the word summer written all over them they are the typical get away beach style for every year and never lose touch, you can go crazy with the patterns and colours and get away with it.
But the pretty tunics also have the smell of summer flying off of them but try not to over pattern these if you want to accesorise,the picture i picked is a blue dress with polka dots.
the second dress i picked was the red, striped mini dress becuase it has a small pattern and is beautifully accesorised.
floral shirts are very fashionable in summer they are especialy good tucked in the shorts or trousers.
shorts are made for summer and summer is the best time to wear them, any type of shorts with a floral shirt is great.
sun hats are not only gorgess but they are also useful and prevent the sun getting into the eyes.
have fun with the shoes becuase it is the time for all shoes. (excpet uggs)sandals are traditional and gladiator sandals are definatly fashionable.
taylor swift is very pretty and this style is a perfect example of the perfect summer look.
accesories look best when they are bright, bold and most off all my bracelet choice and my necklace choice they are wood beaded which i have seen alot of here in england, so clutter yourself in bright accesories.
it's time for the ribbons to go back in your hair as you head for the beach in the summer sun. (i wish i could say that for my self when here in britain its pouring down, typical ) =(

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I love maxi dresses and have finally started finding some that aren't too long on me. This comment has been removed.
have you checked the video at the bottom of the page its so cool. This comment has been removed.
love the dresses all are awsome love ur article This comment has been removed.
Cute summer outfits!! This comment has been removed.
Beautiful! i love all the dresses! This comment has been removed.
ha ha ha loll i am in the UK too watch the Olympics game in London and have mostly seen rain but in Australia i mostly see thease clothes on the artical i really loved this and please make another one This comment has been removed.
I love the red striped mini dress! Darling! Fun article, thanks for sharing! This comment has been removed.
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