Spring/Summer Trends 2012

Spring/Summer Trends 2012


This spring and summer you will find yourself wrapped in heavenly fabrics, adorned with fabulous vivid colours, as well as soft neutrals, and pastels - most popular being soft mint green. Look again this spring to seeing lots of red, and tons of lace ranging from anglaise broderie to elegant pastel coloured lace.
Another trend that is noticeably shown is the neon colours accessories and shoes! Wearing pastel colours and neutrals (whites) with a neon pair of shoes will really pop out the outfit, give it the edge needed to get the attention that is well deserved!

Mint green has never been hotter!

Think whimsical pattrens. From bird prints to deers, fruit, feathers, you name it, tops with whimsical prints are big. Don't forget flower and stripe patterns are also a big hit, so go in your closet and search..There may be some flowery/stripe patterned clothes lurking somewhere.

Designers this spring and summer are utilizing heavenly fabrics, light as a cloud so to say... - and putting out some wonderful heaven inspired designs. Soft and feminine dresses, and blouses, to compliment each womens body with elegance element added to it.

As always...Black and white fashions defy time, and keep their well earned place as big colors for spring and summer of 2012. As shown on one of the pictures, the outfit is structured with various contrasting designs to compliment the mode's body sections along with various tones of white and black. What a partnership they share!

So what are you waiting for? Get your heels on, sunglasses on and...TIME TO SHOP!

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I like the lightness of the first looks. I think Elle Fanning has such great style for someone so young. This comment has been removed.
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