Spring Is in the Air and Its Time to Find Out What Are Do's and What Are Don'ts!

Hi everyone Rachel here with the 4-1-1 on everything fashion. No we all know spring is among us and we wanna show some skin.Right?But when does a little skin go too far. Well let's start with something that has been bugging me for a while. Bikinis. Now everyone owns a cute bikini and when the warm weather comes we slip them right on and go to show off our rocking bods. But ladies listen up.If you are older than 34 bikinis are not for you. I am sorry but some things are just for the younger generation. I mean it is totally embarassing for meto see my mom in a bathingsuit and trying to act like she's some hot crap. So for you older ladies out there I suggest you wera cute and flirty one piece or even a tankini. Next item to address is shorty shorts. Listen girls we are not ---s we don't need our shorts showing half of our butts to get a guy to like you. I'm not saying I don't wear shorty shorts. They're the only shorts I own but it gets to apoint where the shorts are way too short. Try just below the butt for a fun and flirty look. My fave store for some really cute and colourful shorts is Hollister. To complete your fashion forward look add a white top to not distract from the colours on your shorts. One more tidbit of advice I have is for your hair. Now that its spring and warm weather is upon us try a messy bun or a bun with overspill. Also, a new hairstyle that is totally fashion forward is a messy fishtail.

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