Six Last-minute Holiday party style that will keep…

Six Last-Minute Holiday Party Style That Will Keep Your Wallet Happy!
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Are you on a budget this year and can't figure out what to wear for the Holiday festivities? Don't worry, because you can find the perfect holiday outfit right in your closet!

Look 1: LBD it up!
In case you didn't know, LBD stands for little black dress-which is perfect for almost any occasion. With the winter chill this year, you can tune up your LBD with a cute military-inspired jacket! Add feathers for an extra-trendy look.

Look 2: Sexy Nutcracker
I don't know about you, but I LOVE heels or anything that makes my legs looks longer. I mean who doesn't? (Probably if you're 6'2...) Just go with a black or gray military-inspired jacket, (Nutcracker, remember? :P) Black or patterned tights, and shorts to complete your fierce fashionista look.

Look 3: A pop of red
Okay, so if you're like me and you have somewhat of a hipster vibe going on, then this look is perfect for you! Try a red cap, a red lip, and red leggings with a navy or blue dress and you're set!

Look 4: black and gold
Every fashionista knows that the holidays aren't exclusive to just red and green; gold is a great color for the holidays AND is perfect for the evening. So whether you want to layer your fave black skirt with your sexy gold tank top or with your pantsuit, it's bound to be a head turner.

Look 5: Victorian Beauty
Still don't know what to do with that flowy dress in the back of your closet? Well, now's the best time to take advantage of it! Add a black belt and some sparse jewelry to compliment the vintage beauty.

Look 6: Coat Chic
Don't you just ADORE that gorgeous trench coat you've got? Well, if you don't want to raid your wardrobe today, then you can go with a simple but chic look with your coat. Everyone will love it!

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Thanks! Great article! Love the sequin shorts and tights look, I wore something like that on my 40th birthday! This comment has been removed.
@maimouth Thank you so much! :D you should try the black dress (if u have one.) :D This comment has been removed.
greaT ARTICLE... THANK YOU!! This comment has been removed.
@makeupl0vr No problem, and thx for reading! This comment has been removed.
I like your "victorian beauty" suggestion. I'm about to dig my long dress out of the closet! Thanks for this :) This comment has been removed.
Great advice! Black dress, warm coat -- you can't go wrong with that. This comment has been removed.
I love your advice!!! really cool article Helene!! thanks for sharing your ideas! PS: I don't have any red outfit...:D This comment has been removed.
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