Show Some Bling with a Cocktail Ring

Show Some Bling With a Cocktail Ring
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If you’re needing a night out to relax from all the holiday stress or if you’re prepping for a holiday party, then costume jewelry is the fun way to go. The statement necklaces, the armful of bangles are always a hit, but if you really want to impress this season, then make sure to get yourself a cocktail...ring, that is!

Cocktail rings are the statement you want to make when you don’t want to overdo it. Maybe you have a fabulous dress you’re ready to show off and you don't want to clutter your look with a lot of added jewelry, the accessory you need is a cocktail ring. Just like shoes and belts, the color of your cocktail ring doesn’t necessarily need to match, but it needs to coordinate with what you’re wearing.

You can bling it up with faux (or real, if you’re so lucky!) diamonds, pretty jewels or a just one large stone. You can also go for the knuckle rings that cover more than one finger for an extra edge of style. A cocktail ring can also add the pop of color you might need for your LBD or otherwise more neutral-colored outfit. Red or teal can help gray pop. Gold or silver look great with black and if you have a white or light-colored dress, a white or pearl ring is a good choice.

Good places to find inexpensive cocktail rings: Old Navy (who knew?), Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, New York & Co. and also, Cookie Lee. Where do you get your cocktail rings?

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