Shopping en femme

Shopping en Femme

What It's Like for a Gal Like Me to Enjoy a Day Out Shopping as My True Self

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As some of you may know, I am not quite the same type of girl as most of you (I like to think my little difference gives me a unique perspective?).....I have spent most of my life just wanting to fit in (not with the boys, but the girls) Like most of you I love to shop, I love makeup, & I love to eat out among other activities such as following a fitness program & watching a really good Romantic Comedy!.......I just wanted to attach a page from one of my favorite websites that kind of explains how a girl like me (& I'm sure many others out there in this great Taaz Universe?) has to go through a little extra "this & that" just to enjoy what we love to do.......Thank you again for accepting me as one of your own. All credit goes to I wanted to add this as a link but could not figure out how to do this?? If you would like to view this page please copy this URL & enjoy the article & anything else you may see on this great site for us living as the "Third Gender"

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