Sexy Shorts for Summer

Sexy Shorts for Summer

3 Must-Have Shorts

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As the days grow longer and the summer heats up, it’s time to swap out our skinny jeans for sexy shorts! So break out the sunless tanner because we want to show off those sexy, tanned legs this season! Here are my top 3 must-have shorts!


I love shorts with lace details! It’s sexy, but still sophisticated enough for the office. Great for a date or even a night out with the girls! Very chic! Pictured on celebs Kristen Stewart, Emma Watson, Blake Lively, Kristin Cavallari and Vanessa Hudgeons.

Belted & Cuffed

I love how slouchy and comfortable this style can be, but it maintains a manner of class and again work appropriate! Make sure to wear a form-fitting top, so the belt can cinch in at the waist and show off your pretty figure! Seen on celebs Lauren Conrad and Kate Moss.

Pajama Print

These shorts are wild and crazy! They scream “Bohemian Chic”! Dress up these shorts with a romantic blouse, or for a casual look, wear with a tank top and turBAND. See article here to create your own turBAND with a scarf!! Seen on celebs Olivia Palermo and Ashley Tisdale.


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What's wrong with skirts? I wear them most of the time instead of shorts when the weather is warm. --
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I love them all. The lace ones are so feminine cool. This comment has been removed.
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