Secret Santa Brings Me Oscar de la Renta!

Secret Santa Brings Me Oscar De La Renta!

Target + Neiman Marcus Holiday Collection: Oscar De La Renta

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oscar de la renta bag
I’d like to share with you a Christmas story entitled: The Day I Received Oscar de la Renta. A few weeks ago, I wrote an article about the debut of a special holiday collaboration between Target and Neiman Marcus. This breakthrough mashup is a result of several popular designers creating gifts, heavily focused on fashion, at a more affordable price. Among the list of designers: Oscar de la Renta.

The Oscar de la Renta tote is perfect for an everyday, can-fit-everything handbag. It is a beige canvas bag with white embroidery which makes it both sensible and able to be worn on a daily basis. To be fair, online the color is bright white, but this is not the color of the actual bag. However, the structure of the bag is fantastic. It has a sturdy bottom and handles and is quite large. If not used as a handbag, it could work well as a briefcase. It fits so much stuff!

The bag also contains several pockets to hold smaller items and just as I mentioned in my most recent articles about picking a handbag, I will add a delicate scarf that I found years ago to tie around one of the handles for a pop of color and my own personal touch. Of course, the bag is finished with a gold plated Oscar de la Renta nameplate.

The holiday season can sure bring surprises, and this year has already brought one for me! To think if I had never written that article for Taaz, then my Secret Santa (aka my brother-in-law) would never had been able to read it, and I would now not be the owner an Oscar de la Renta-crafted bag. For those still seeking out gifts take a peek at this bag and other items in the collection. The person on the receiving end will not be disappointed!

Happy Holidays!

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Oooooooh! Score! I want the DVF yoga mat :) This comment has been removed.
Love the bag! I was not impressed with the Target/Neiman collection though....the bags were great but the clothing was just okay. I really like the size of that bag! This comment has been removed.
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