Rock Red Fashion

Rock Red Fashion

February Is Heart Health Awareness Month

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red dress
red headband
red scarf
In honor of heart health awareness month, February gives us all a chance to stand out in red fashion, makeup and accessories for 29 days this leap year. Macy's is holding a special promotion through the weekend (February 1st-5th) in honor of providing awareness about heart disease. Through February 5th, take an extra 20% off merchandise when you wear red to any store, use your Macy's Credit Card or buy a $2 Red Dress pin to support the American Heart Association. The pin alone is an easy, inexpensive way to rock some red while bringing awareness to a great cause.

Red is fitting also because Valentine's Day is this month. If you're wanting to look extra flirty or feisty for your love, a crush or just for yourself, then there are a variety of ways to play up your look with this vibrant color. Some options for red include:

- shoes
- lipstick
- scarf
- bag
- nail polish
- headband
- bracelet
- tights, leggings or jeans

Clearly, as you can see the list goes on and on for the variety of ways you can work red into your wardrobe. It's a month to feel amorous and give focus and appreciation to the health of our hearts. How will you rock red this month?

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Red scarves and red nails are always in style. Love this! I'm definitely trying this "wearing red to Macy's" trick. This comment has been removed.
I love red anything! This should be easy for me ;) This comment has been removed.
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