Reinterpreting Fashion from the Fall 2012 Runways

Reinterpreting Fashion From the Fall 2012 Runways
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By now it’s no secret that fall is my favorite time of year, but with good reason. Just taking a peek at runway looks and anticipating the coveted September issues of my favorite magazines, it’s enough to get a girl excited! But not all couture looks can be as easily recreated for everyday wear, so I took through a few lookbooks to see what we are going to start seeing popping up in stores in the coming months.

Go Wild with Prints

From everything from blue marble to wild fish-eye looking prints, the realm of fashion has no boundaries. These wild prints worn head-to-toe might be a bit much to add to your wardrobe, but I can see them as the new look for jeans and also subdued for a more modern twist in the form of a shift dress. Geometric or odd-looking shapes can change the entire style and illusion of a look. I think we’ll see some clever uses of the wild prints in ways more easily wearable, even if it is something simple such as a scarf.

Brocade in the New Age

Embodying a Victorian-era feeling or maybe even styles from the Middle Ages, brocade holds a regal appeal. While the fabric can appear heavy, the result is one that is dramatic and elegant. Bell-shaped sleeves on long, velvet gowns intertwined with gold and silver threads might not be your first choice, but a brocade jacket paired with boyfriend jeans can really create a combination perfect for fall. Or, combining brocade with lighter, sheer fabrics, such as that which has been modeled on the runway, shows the right way to capture the trend.

Leather Lover

Joan Rivers just did a segment on Fashion Police discussing whether leather is hot or not for end of summer, and I say the look can stay. A black, motorcycle jacket instantly keeps an outfit from being too sweet or too simple when layered with anything from a floral sundress to a white tee and jeans. But don't limit yourself to black when embracing this trend, caramel tones, pumpkin shades, and rustic reds are also a fantastic way to wear the leather look. Jackets are probably your best bet, but curve-hugging dresses or even leather pants may just find their way to your closet this fall.

What trends would you recreate from the runway?

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