Reasons Why Hoodies Are Better than Sweaters

Reasons Why Hoodies Are Better Than Sweaters
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Women love to look fashionable and stylish even during winters. Gone are the days when sweaters were the only warm outfit that was worn by women. Today, there is an availability of various warm garments like jackets, coats and hoodies. Hoodies are the most popular among the warm garments available and there is a huge demand for hoodies on online shopping sites. Let us have a look at the factors that make hoodies a more preferable choice than sweaters.

-Hoodies provide comfort: Women love to wear garments that provide comfort. Hoodies are a great choice for women who stay at home or who go out for work. Whether you do all the household work or work in a office and have to move around the whole day long, there can be nothing better than a hoodie. Easy to wear, hoodies keep the wearer comfortable and also allow the wearer to move around easily and perform various activities.

-Pockets: Another advantage of a hoodie is that is has pockets while a sweater does not have pockets. If you do not want to carry a handbag while going out, you can easily stuff your valuables in the pocket of a hoodie and can move on. Moreover, when it is too cold, you can put your hands in the pockets of your hoodie and save your hands from freezing.

-Hood: The main reason why the garment is known as a hoodie is because of the presence of a hood, and this is yet another advantage. In winters you cannot step out without covering your head. If you wear a sweater, you will have to carry an additional head covering to protect your head, whereas, if you wear a hoodie, all you need to do is just put up your hood.

-Trendy: Hoodies are more fashionable than sweaters. One can find various prints and designs imprinted on hoodies. Moreover, hoodies of various cuts, styles, collars are available whereas not much can be done about the style and design of a sweater.

-Versatile: Hoodies can be worn with any apparel, be it traditional or western. Moreover, if you want a casual look or have to attend a formal occasion, you can choose hoodie and look smart in the attire. However, a sweater mostly looks good with a traditional outfit.

-Easy to wear: When compared to sweaters, hoodies are certainly easy to wear. The pull over hoodies just need to be pulled and the zipper hoodies can be fastened easily by zipping it up. Most of the sweaters consist of buttons and it takes time to fasten them.

By keeping the above mentioned points in mind, it is certain that hoodies are certainly better than sweaters.

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