Prom Dress Style

Prom Dress Style

What’s Your Dress Style Personality?

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Prom is just around the corner, and if you have not yet secured your prom dress for the special occasion, now’s the time to give it some thought! Here are some great styles for inspiration…which one is your personal favorite?

The long and sleek goddess
This style is a classically beautiful cut—as it is elegant, flowy and just an overall gorgeous style. The best part about long dresses is that they make your limbs look longer and your overall height taller. Paired with the right pair of pumps, you’ll be looking as elegant as a goddess!

Short sweetheart
This is a particularly cute style because of its darling cute and shorter hem. It’s perfect during the spring season for prom. For this particular dress style (especially for the short bubble skirt variety prom dresses), be sure to select a higher heel to offset the shortening effect that the hemline may have on the legs.

Sexy openback
This dress style is absolutely stunning when done right. Too much back, and the style can tend to look tacky; but with the right cut, you’re bound to strike some attention on the dance floor. I especially love the cut of the dress in the picture…it’s tasteful and elegant, two winning combinations in my book!

Fun and unique prints
Fun and unique prints are a guarantee for getting look that is distinguishably “you” for prom night. I really like this dress—it’s super fun and flirty, with the right amount of volume for movement at the skirt, and a pattern that’s extremely eye-catching!

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