Power to the Pencil Skirt - Part II

Power to the Pencil Skirt - Part II

Pencil Skirt Variations

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There isn’t just one kind of pencil skirt. Previously, I wrote an article about how versatile a pencil skirt is for your wardrobe. The black, column form is what we see most for professional wear mostly because of its classic versatility, but when it comes to the sleek fashion choice, there are other options to choose from.

A leather pencil skirt, for example, adds an edgy element to an otherwise purely professional look. Make the leather a deep red or a trendy brown and this changes the look altogether. When choosing leather for a pencil skirt, make sure that it fits a little looser as to not look unflattering.

Adding a ruffle to the end of a pencil skirt will give your look a girly flair, which can create a nice contrast to a more masculine jacket or when paired with a plain tee shirt. The skirt is what you can dress the outfit around, so get creative with color when choosing a top, jacket, shoes and makeup.

If you are going for a more daring look, try a mini sequined pencil skirt. Of course, this is not ideal for the workplace, but when paired with a pair of tights and a colorful blouse, this can be a fun look for the right occasion. Choose a thicker pair of solid color tights or choose a funky pattern like florals for a look such as this. Because you are going short and tight, keep the other elements of your outfit more demure.

The power of the pencil skirt never dies and the list of outfits you can create are endless. What is your favorite take on the pencil skirt? How do you most often style yours?

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