Outside My Fashion Comfort Zone

Outside My Fashion Comfort Zone

Capes, Kimonos and Cutouts

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kimono with ribbon
cropped kimono
cutout back tee
cutout with bow
I usually stick to a solid color palette with my wardrobe - black, gray, navy blue and also, favor certain trends - polka dots, printed dresses and fabulous shoes. But then comes along some fashion trends that peak my interest; although, I'm not ready to completely commit.

Capes are something that have been on my mind since Ms. Paltrow's white hot Oscar appearance. The question changes from where exactly would I wear a cape to wear wouldn't I? There are different variations, both long and cropped, as well as items that are cape-inspired. Meaning that while it isn't technically a cape, it has the same feel with the big (or no) sleeves. The look can change from being chic and sophisticated to laid-back and casual. While I am devoted to the classic blazer, the cape might be my next outerwear staple.

Kimonos are hot this spring. I've been seeing them all over the fashion magazines and in stores like Forever 21. The design is what is the deciding factor for this trend. While some come off as very trendy and pretty; others come off as almost matronly and dull. It's also about the size because even though there's extra fabric, it shouldn't look overwhelming. There are some that come with ties or ribbons and I've seen the trend with an added belt. A skinny jean or my favorite pair of leggings would be necessary, as well as pumps to create an overall slimmer silhouette.

Cutouts are a trend I've been wanting to try, but I have yet to find just the right piece(s) to fit my wardrobe. The beauty of a cutout is that it can change a plain shirt or dress and make it into an artsy or unique necessity. Because I tend to stick to solid colors for tops, I feel that cutouts will keep my look from looking too plain or monotonous. Open sleeves are probably the most popular choice, but open backs or side cutouts are also interesting takes on the trend.

What fashion trends make you want to step outside your style comfort zone?


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The cape can be a bit daunting and costume-y, but I love it as an oversized jacket. Saw one on Victoria's Secret that I really liked. Also, the kimono trend is cute. Just a thin line between modern/cool and 80s/Golden Girls haha So I totally feel you on that one. The cut out is really cute - go for that one! It could even be a cut-out purse. Saw one at Anthropology the other day! This comment has been removed.
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