Olympics Style: Michelle Obama and Kate Middleton

Olympics Style: Michelle Obama and Kate Middleton

First Lady Michelle Obama and Duchess Kate Middleton Represent Their Countries Fashionably Well

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In the midst of Olympic spirit it’s hard not to notice the fashionable choices being displayed by two of the world’s most leading ladies. Both Michelle Obama and Kate Middleton are known for their classy style and fashion trends and they’ve been supporting their respective countries since the beginning of the Games in style.

One of the fantastic things about both of these women is that they know how to dress appropriately for the occasion. They can pull off both casual and formal styles and look stunning in either situation. Kate started the week dressed casually in a white polo shirt and electric blue skinny jeans. She paired the laid-back outfit with a favorite pair of wedges that she has been photographed wearing several times.

In fact, she was seen wearing them only a few days later in a navy pair of skinny jeans and matching structured blazer. By adding a navy and cream striped shirt, it served as a casual nod to a pantsuit. Then, she kept with the blue theme by wearing an ice blue dress belted at the waist to show off her very slim figure. She accessorized with diamond hoops and her pretty smile.

In terms of hair and makeup, Kate's is always impeccable. Her chocolate brown hair is shiny with soft curls. Her makeup highlights one of her best features: her cheekbones. She is often seen with fairly neutral makeup plus extra emphasis on her cheeks with a sunkissed color.

Michelle Obama also focuses more on her fashion and leaves her hair and makeup simple. Often, her hair is a chic bob; her makeup a subtle eye shadow and light lip. But, it is the fashion choices that have made her so watchable since she began wow’ing the fashion world.

I love the black and white Tracy Reese look she wore that mixed three patterns in one outfit. Polka dots both big and small in combination with a checkered print keeps this outfit casual but with a trendy edge. And, the First Lady represents casual fashion well. During the swimming events, she sported block coloring at its best. Keeping it slim on the bottom in flattering black pants, she added color in her sleeveless top (to show off those great arms!) with stripes of black, gray and seafoam green.

And, of course, Michelle Obama is comfortable in formal fashion. No matter what she wears or what the occasion, she always seems approachable versus stuffy. In a gray and white structured jacket to offset a floaty, white pleated skirt, she looks flawless.

There is still a lot of Olympics left to watch. Anxious to see what the ladies will be wearing next! What have been your favorite Olympic looks so far?

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