Not Quite Sweater Weather, But Almost

Not Quite Sweater Weather, but Almost

Sweater Time

Despite the threat of Santa Ana winds heating things up this weekend, I have been loving the cool, fall weather Southern California has finally been experiencing. After what’s felt like weeks and weeks of all dry heat and no air-conditioning, the weather is crisp - one of my favorite times of the year.

With the cooler weather comes a change in wardrobe. It’s not quite time to break out the sweaters, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t put some thought into the ones I’ll need to get. I grew up in Kansas and brutal, Midwest winters are far different from the ones we experience here. However, it does get chilly and I have broken out the big, cozy sweaters before. Those are the best.

Oversized sweaters are great for so many reasons starting with...they’re just so dang comfy! If you get a roomier sweater in a lighter cotton fabric, then you keep warm, but don’t feel too stuffy. These look fantastic with skinny jeans or leggings.

Cowl neck sweaters are another favorite of mine. They create a cool neckline, but aren’t as closed up as turtlenecks, which I can’t wear. They can be worn in rich colors with dark jeans or black or gray with dress pants for a professional look. I have a longer cowl neck sweater that is more fitted that I belt and wear with a pencil skirt.

V-neck sweaters are like the classic tee of winter. You can wear them anywhere with anything and they flatter pretty much all figures. You can layer them and find them in various colors and prints. My advice is if you find a fabric or fit you like buy two or three of the same kind. Cashmere or cotton blends are my favorite.

Maybe I’m dreaming of sweaters a tad too early, but it is nearly November and I won’t let Santa Ana winds or late bursts of heat sway me. Finding a favorite sweater can carry you all through the winter anytime you need an extra bit of coziness and comfort. Has the weather already switched to full-on fall for you?

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@RoryGautsche Sweaters and leggings are definitely the way to go. I'll be traveling a lot this winter so that is my go-to outfit for the plane! This comment has been removed.
It's totally sweater weather in Denver! My favorites are the cowl neck and turtleneck sweaters. I love the long cardigan sweaters with leggings too! The grey sweater you posted in this article is darling! This comment has been removed.
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