Nicole Richie Designs New Collection for…

Nicole Richie Designs New Collection for Macy’s
Macy’s Impulse is quickly surpassing Target and H&M collaboration ranks coming out with new lines nearly every month it seems. Macy’s Impulse represents high-end designers mixed with trendy fashion staples all for a more affordable price. Nicole Richie is the latest celebrity designer to create a collection and it will hit Macy’s stores in late September.

Nicole Richie who was a celebrity coach on Fashion Star and also has her own jewelry and accessories line, House of Harlow 1960, is no stranger to the fashion game. Her own personal style is typically bohemian, but she isn’t afraid to throw in some high-end couture pieces as well. The great thing about how she approaches fashion is that she doesn't count anything out and she is fearless in her fashion choices. Most of the time, she is right on the mark.

For the Macy’s collection, a few photos have begun to surface from the 20-piece collection. The looks are a mix of vintage style and modern twists. With leather added to t-shirts, cutouts in skin-tight pants and zigzags that resemble Missoni, the collection will surely embrace Nicole’s mix-n-match style. The colors are perfect for fall: black, navy, mustard yellow with flashes of white; I also anticipate there will be some jewel tones as well.

I am excited for this collection and to see what else she comes out with in the future. She is a girl who loves clothes and if nothing else, we have that in common. I would love to see what else resides in her fashion mind, but for now I'll be counting down the days to when her collection for Macy's debuts.

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