My Style: It's a Ring Thing

My Style: It's a Ring Thing

A Peek Into My Collection of Cocktail Rings

Last week, I shared a “How To” article about cocktails rings. This week, I figured I would show you my personal collection of cocktail rings, which I consider part of my personal style.
I've been collecting cocktail rings for a while now and have lots of different shapes and sizes. I definitely gravitate toward feminine flower rings the most; I feel they can soften up an outfit in no time.
One of my favorite flower rings is this pale gold, rose and diamond design by Park Lane Jewelry. I bought this at a friend's jewelry party and instantly fell in love with the colors. It's my go-to ring for spring.
Also from Park Lane is this giant vintage bow cocktail ring. I usually wear this with black clothing because the dark colors pick up the flecks of black in the gold.
For a fancy night out, I like this two-finger silver cocktail ring. It has a lot of sparkle to it and is very unique because it goes on both your ring finger and your middle finger. Because it's so big, I usually go with minimal jewelry elsewhere.
For a more casual cocktail ring look, I like to wear my stone rings in turquoise or ivory. These look great with simple outfits like a white tee and jeans.
I also like to wear my smaller blue Lapis Lazuli ring with casual outfits. The stone is from Chile in South America, one of the places where Lapis Lazuli is mined.
Finally, sparkly black cocktail rings are always a favorite ring style of mine because of their versatility. They can dress up a basic LBD or add a little shimmer and fun to a structured work blazer.
How do you feel about cocktail rings? Do you use them to add a little pizzazz to your outfits?

(Photo Credit: Monica Garske)

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i like it..can i have one? heheh just kidding.. love it girl.. This comment has been removed.
Super cute collection! Love the bow one! This comment has been removed.
awesome rings!! i nloooove rings too! <3 This comment has been removed.
oooh:) i love it This comment has been removed.
You have really great jewelry collections. This comment has been removed.
This is such an awesome collection! So jealous...I love jewelry can never seem to find ones I like! This comment has been removed.
Love the red hot mani and your entire ring collection is so cute! I really like the sparkly flower double ring! Very cool :) This comment has been removed.
Wow - what a collection! I love all of your rings and definitely think cocktail rings are an easy way to dress up an outfit and make things fun. This comment has been removed.
You have the best collection of rings! My favorite is #8...the black flower with the turquoise middle! I don't wear a lot of rings but my friends do.....I think it's because I have long skinny fingers and I don't want to try attention to them!!! They look perfect on you! This comment has been removed.
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