My “Makeup, Hair and Wardrobe”…

My “makeup, Hair and Wardrobe” Morning Routine - Part III

What to Wear During the Week

I recently posted an article on Taaz about work wardrobe staples. If you already have your wardrobe loaded with pieces that you can use and work around, then it’ll be easier to create outfits to wear throughout the work week.

Wardrobe routine: 10 minutes

In order to maximize your time, make sure that the clothes you want to wear are washed and ironed. Nothing is worse than trying to rush through ironing that shirt you planned to wear while also trying to rush through getting ready for work. I typically pick out my work outfit the night before or at least do a mental check, so that what I want to wear is clean and wrinkle-free.

When choosing my day-to-day work outfits, I try not to wear the same thing more than once during the week. Meaning I don’t want to wear black pants more than once or leggings or the same combination of outfit, i.e. blazer and skirt. It might sound weird, but I like to change up my work attire as much as possible to keep things from getting too boring. Just as some people plan out their meals for the whole week on Sunday, I have at least an idea of my outfits for the week planned out as well.

Right before you get ready to run out the door, give yourself one last look in the mirror and see if there's anything missing. A scarf, belt, jacket or jewelry can quickly change a look. There are many times when I feel like my outfit doesn't look quite right and then I’ll add on one item and it makes all the difference. Feel good in what you wear before heading out the door, but save yourself some time by having an idea ahead of time of what you want to wear.

As they say, dress for the job you want not the job you have. But if you're very, very lucky the job you have is the job you want.

For makeup, hair and wardrobe during the week, if I'm planned out, I can usually sneak everything in under 30 minutes, which makes for an extra hit or two on the snooze. What does your morning routine look like?

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Well my AM routine requires 30-45 min if I need to do full makeup, and majority of the time is doing my makeup. Oh geez! This comment has been removed.
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