My Favorite Color: Why Black Is Anything But Basic

My Favorite Color: Why Black Is Anything but Basic
Black is my favorite color for so many reasons, although I have tried to incorporate more color into my wardrobe over the years. If you were to take a peek into my closet, you would see one half of it being all black clothing and the other part being items in all the other colors.

When I went to college, black dress pants were a staple to go dancing and when I moved to New York, black was the color of the city, and an easy way to pull together a professional look. Black might seem boring or safe or not pushing the fashion limits, but I love black and here are my reasons why:

Versatility: If you own a simple, black dress - the LBD - then you can wear it for almost any occasion. You can make it fancy with heels and pearls or dress it down with gladiator sandals and colorful strands. Black is the starting palette for which you can add on whatever you like and in nearly all cases, it will work.

Elegance: When it comes to black, make sure it’s not faded. This is one surefire way to make the look appear cheap. However, black pants or a well-fit black shirt automatically exudes elegance in a pinch. Elegance doesn’t have to come from high fashion, haute couture, it can come from a simple black tee and a pair of skinny jeans and flats a la Audrey Hepburn. Black pulls things together and helps an outfit appear refined. Think about that same outfit of t-shirt, skinny jeans and flats if the shirt were any other color. It wouldn’t have the same effect as black, would it?

Necessity: I feel that black is a staple color, which means that of your clothing, you should have it for at least one comfy, but chic pair of black dress pants, one LBD and one black t-shirt or blouse. These are good go-to items and can be accessorized with all the eccentric jewelry or trendworthy items of the season you want to try out. Black will never go out of style. Also, black accessories can also help pull an outfit together. If you have a wildly printed dress, you can make it an outfit with a pair of black heels or a black-focused statement necklace. The color works for everything you want to wear.

When it comes to the benefits of fashion, I could go on and on about my love for the color black. It's definitely my favorite, what's yours?

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That 1st dress is so cute! I agree, I love black too! I can never go wrong wearing black! This comment has been removed.
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