Must-Have Spring Flats

Must-Have Spring Flats

From H&M

  • hmyellow
  • hmblack
  • hmorange
  • hmbrown
  • hmgreen
  • hmsilver
  • hmturquoise
  • hmprod
  • hmpink
  • hmcolorblock
  • hmprint
  • hmaztec
Whether you’re a neon fan or prefer shades au natural, the shoe department at H&M has a flurry of flat selections for everybody! During my last shopping escapade to H&M, I was bombarded with chic styles in all sorts of flat ranges from sandals to espadrilles. Currently, I am in love with all of the bold pops of color that are trending right now. However, I am a “realist” when shopping and often ask myself, “How many seasons will I be able to wear this style?” Lucky for me, flats wear out pretty quickly and H&M makes them super affordable, so I was able to scoop up several trendy pairs! Here is my latest shopping haul from H&M, and I tossed in several other cute new pairs that are now on my Wish List as well ;)

Which pair or pairs are you going ga-ga over?

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Cute! I love the second pair :) This comment has been removed.
Oh awesome! I need a H&M shopping trip. I really am liking the first pair, the pattern is cool. This comment has been removed.
I like the green ones....thanks for the pics! This comment has been removed.
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