Motivate Yourself at the Gym with Fashionable…

Motivate Yourself at the Gym With Fashionable Workout Wear
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When it comes to the gym, like many, it’s hard for me to be motivated to work out! And while, I am not one to put on a full face of makeup to exercise, I still like to slip in a little bit of fashion. Sweats and sloppy t-shirts are oh-so comfy, but those are reserved for time on the couch. When I put them on, I don’t feel motivated to work harder at burning those pesky calories; the outfit evokes laziness.

If you feel the same way when you head to the gym, you can be motivated by fashion. It’s not the ultimate place to pretend you’re runway ready, but there are several places to buy cute, affordable gym clothing and accessories to make working out a bit more fun.

Yoga pants. I always feel slimmer in yoga pants, which is surprising since they don’t hide anything. But it’s also a good motivator if you are looking to lose extra pounds because the slim fit is sure to make you want to boost your workout. Charcoal and black are my favorite colors and I choose the capri style so I don’t get too hot.

Sports bra. I do match my sports bra to the rest of my gym outfit. Yep, I do. Target is my favorite place to buy new sports bras because they are inexpensive (around $10), give good support and come in literally a rainbow of colors. There is something about bold colors that make me feel more motivated to work out. If I wore only all gray or black, it’d seem too dreary.

Shoes. You can find running shoes or gym shoes for inexpensive on the DSW sales rack. I usually try to get a pair with funky colors and pizzazz. My latest pair had lime green, and I'm thinking the next pair I buy might need some neon too. Liking what I wear is a big motivator for me. And rewarding myself for hard work with a pair of new shoes gives me an extra push.

Headbands/bandanas. Headbands or bandanas is the best gym accessory because they keep your hair back and off your forehead to prevent blocked pores, but they also add some colorful flair.

The gym isn't always the most fun place for me to be, so I make the most out of it by liking what I wear. I'm much more inclined to work harder in a cute gym outfit rather than lounging in a pair of baggy sweats; it just makes me feel better. What do you do to motivate yourself to get to the gym?

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I love you girls - you always lead me to great, new finds! :) This comment has been removed.
Totally makes a difference when you have fun stuff to wear to the gym! I get a lot of yoga gear from Hautelook during their Marika sales events. You can't beat $20 workout pants and tops that are usually $50+ This comment has been removed.
I agree with you! Definitely Target for Sports bras....I really like the new VSX line from Victoria's Secret and I also like Hard Tail and Lululemon. Gotta have fun clothes to work out in! This comment has been removed.
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