Makeup Essentials: Three Products Worth Splurging…

Makeup Essentials: Three Products Worth Splurging On
Like I mentioned before, my makeup stash is a varied mix of both drugstore brands and more expensive counter brands. I like it that way. Today, I wanted to share a few of my go-to counter-brand beauty products. For me, these tools are definitely worth the splurge.

Boi-Ing Concealer by Benefit. The color, the texture, the packaging. This is my go-to concealer for all of those reasons and more. I usually buy this in the “Medium” shade and blend it into my skin with my fingertips. It applies so easily, with minimal creasing and stays put all day long. It's not thick or cakey, it really is just the right consistency. I usually buy this at Sephora for $19.

Original “Naked” Palette by Urban Decay. Like so many other makeup-lovers, this is my favorite eye shadow palette ever. I use every single color in this kit and I love the blending brush it came with. I also own “Naked 2,” but this original palette remains my favorite. Something about the pigments in these eye shadows just really works with my skin tone. Best $50 I ever spent on makeup.

MAC 217 Blending Brush. Makeup brushes are notoriously expensive, but this little guy is worth every penny. This is the best eye shadow blending brush I've ever used. It's the perfect size for the eyes and very gentle. I use it to blend different colors together and to soften up eye shadow. I got mine at the MAC counter at Macy's for $22.50.
What is YOUR must-have makeup splurge? Please share.

(Photo Credit: Benefit Cosmetics, Urban Decay, MAC)

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Great article!!! I have seen the Naked palette all over Tumblr and Youtube Beauty Guru videos. I would definetly get it. Even though it may be expensive, it is all good neutrals that everyone can work with! The Mac brushes are SUPER expensive. Their Stippling brush is $50 dollars! Thank you for the tips! This comment has been removed.
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