Mad Men Beauty Inspiration

Mad Men Beauty Inspiration

Glamorous Looks of the '60’s

Mad Men Collection for Banana Republic
  • Mad Men Collection for Banana Republic
  • Red lipstick
  • fake eyelashes
  • black liquid eyeliner
Do you guys watch Mad Men? I’m obsessed with the show, but mainly for the style. I was very excited when Banana Republic debuted a Mad Men fashion line. Love those full-skirted dresses and classic pumps. The 60’s style is very glamorous and chic and easy to copy even on my low budget. I love how the men cared about their looks too with their suits and ties and those hats. Bring men’s hats back.

The best thing about this style is that it is timeless and instantly brings an element of sophistication to the table. I have never been a fan of the miniskirt so I have about a dozen dresses in my closet that vary in prints and colors and can always be worn in a pinch whether it’s for an interview or a wedding or just a night out.

I’m thinking about dyeing my hair that deep red because I think Christina Hendricks is so gorgeous, but not sure I’ll be quite able to pull it off. But, I did add a fake mole to my face last week just to see how it would look and it got so many compliments. :) I also have been experimenting more with false eyelashes which aren’t as hard to apply as I thought they would be and I’m not a fan of the red lip but when I’m feeling retro glam, it’s a must.

If you want to try the ‘60’s retro look, these are the items I suggest:

- False eyelashes
- Black mascara and liquid eyeliner
- Red matte lipstick
- Dresses that almost hit the knee with different necklines
- Simple updos for the hair

It’s fun to try new looks and this one is one of the easiest not to mention one of my favorites. What looks do you guys like?

Picture credits:; (lipstick); (eyelashes); (eyeliner)

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my fav is the reddish dress on the right! SO CUTE! :) This comment has been removed.
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