Keep Things Stylish with Scarves

Keep Things Stylish With Scarves
I bought a scarf over the weekend on a whim that was not my usual style and definitely not my usual color combination. It is a brown scarf with yellow skulls and I wore it with a cobalt blue top, rolled jeans and brown high heels. By incorporating one new inexpensive item into pieces I already had in my wardrobe, I created a whole new outfit and a different look.

Scarves are one of the best accessories to play with because of the variation in the design and style. I typically go for long, thin scarves that I can loop around my neck, but I also have an affinity towards the infinity scarf as well. If you are wanting to add something to your look, but have a limited budget, a scarf immediately adds style and is a perfect addition for cooler weather.

Solid colors can add just the right pop of color, but really the prints are what make scarves fun. Skulls, birds and hearts are some of my favorite designs that I wouldn’t normally wear on any other item of clothing, but is just the right amount for scarves. It can turn an ordinary outfit into an extraordinary one with the cost usually being under ten dollars.

The fabrics can change with the seasons starting out with the lightest cotton to heavier silk to comfy wool and with each scarf there is a difference in what the look is trying to achieve. With the lightweight scarves, I typically use it more in place of a necklace, but with the heavier wool scarves, it makes sense to wear a thick one for chilly temps.

The best thing about scarves is that one size fits all. They go with any style, any shape and can add the one extra element you might need to make your outfit complete.

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