Incorporating my love of computer graphics and…

Incorporating My Love of Computer Graphics and Making Jewelry

Am I Doing It Wrong?

bridgett taaz
I have a website at Learning as I go how to build an Internet e-commerce business website, html, php, css and all those other codes that make up a simple page on the Internet is proving to be more work than I'd ever thought it would be. It's irresistible tho and I can't see stopping. I make jewelry and rosaries, one of each piece and never repeat. I like to be able to tell you (my customer) that no one else has another quite like it.
My dilemma is that it doesn't seem enough for me to just throw a picture of a necklace up for you to consider purchasing, no, I have to turn it into a dramatic showing! I have a thousand pieces of jewelry that need to be up on the web and I think I have under 40 listed. Anyway, I would really appreciate some feedback, is the jewelry in line with today's trends or too much old style or just junk? It's scary putting this out for criticism but I need to know. Thanks!
square sandra

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