How to Wear Pink Eye Shadow

How to Wear Pink Eye Shadow

Illuminate Eyes With Pink Shadow Inspired by Fashion Runways

How to Wear Pink Eye Shadow
Pink eye shadow isn't just lighting up lips—it's appearing on eye lids, as well. Although pink eye shadow can appear initimidating in its packaging, it looks gorgeous on the skin, especially if you have a

fair complexion

. The popularity of bold pink eye shadow is evident in our

makeover gallery

, but it’s also a great look for real life. Try on pink eye shadow in our virtual



Hollywood makeup artists use pink eye shadow on starlets who need to look wide-awake after a long, sleep-deprived night. Applying pink eye shadow around the eyes makes the whites of the eyes appear brighter.

Hot pink is a fun and unexpected option for fair skin: it can make your eyes look bright and beautiful when applied with precision. Caution: too much on your lower lashline and you could wind up looking like you have seasonal allergies.

Prevent bright pink eye shadow from overpowering your face by first blending it out on the back of your hand, and complete the look with baby pink lips. Layer the color above the crease and blend it out towards the brows, leaving the brow bone bare or highlighting it with white shadow. Pink eye shadow applied near the lashline can make the eyes look allergy-ridden or puffy. --Stephanie Simons


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I've done it before. I once bought this really really red blusher that turned out be just too bright for my complexion. Instead I've been using it as an pink eyeshadow. It probably won't get you to a HOT pink shade...but definitely can be used as a eyeshadow color ^_^ This comment has been removed.
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