How to rock white jeans during Winter monthes...

How to Rock White Jeans During Winter Monthes...

How to Rock Your Fave White Jeans or Pants During Cold Weather Monthes...

White Skinnies in Winter
White jeans with trench
White shorts with Leggings
Victoria Beckham with White Pants and Cropped Blaz
White Jeans with Sweater
White Jeans with Black
Forget the no white before Easter or after labor day rule!! Fashion rules are meant to be broken and this is one that definitely SHOULD be!! You don't have to wait for Summer to rock your favorite white pants but you DO have to know how to wear them to avoid looking like you are in the wrong season. Here are some tips for wearing white on your bottom half while there is still snow on the ground!

-The first rule for wearing white dans la neige is focused on what you pair it with. When wearing white fabrics are key. To avoid looking like you forgot what season it is pair your white jeans with heavier more "Wintery" fabrics. Good fabrics to pair white jeans with include tweed, corduroy, velvet and wool. Stay away from "Summery" fabrics such as cotton, linen and silk. This rule also applies to your actual white pants...Wear denim or a heavier material, stay away from white linen or silk.

-Next rule: Keep your footwear weather appropriate. When rocking a summer-esque color on the bottom be sure that you wear footwear that fits your climate. You can never go wrong with a great pair of boots over white skinnies! Ankle height booties are also a great choice and are huge this season.

-Dress it up: If you are looking for a less casual way to rock your white skinnies top them off with a crisp blazer in a neutral shade. You can't fail with a fresh, tailored blazer in black or navy.

-Which brings us to our next rule. While bright colors are great during Winter and I normally can't get enough, this is one time when too much may work against you. When sporting white pants it is best to avoid pairing them with too much bright colors. The reason is because this can make your outfit look very Summery and will look a bit out of place during cold weather months. I recommend sticking with neutrals or deeper warm tones such as burgundy, chocolate brown and burnt orange. Although, It is okay when wearing neutrals to accessorize your a outfit with a POP of color such as a great necklace. Also, avoiding prints and sticking with solid colors works best. But if you are hell-bent on mixing your white denim with a print just be sure to keep the print to a minimum like a pair of leopard flats!

-Get some extra mileage out of your fave white shorts by throwing them over a thick legging and pairing them with a great slouchy sweater and boots!

Don't forget the "rules" of wearing white pants that apply all year round:

-Fit is everything! When searching for the perfect white jeans, try on several pairs and don't buy until you have a pair that fits like a glove. That means not too tight, not too loose. If they gape at the back or give you muffin top then they DON'T fit! If you still struggle to find the perfect fit then take a trip to the tailor. It is worth the price for a pair of made-for-you jeans!

-Mind your undergarments: Keep in mind that when wearing white pants that your undergarments will show through if they are bright colored AND panty lines will also be visible. Opt for seamless styles in a flesh tones or rock try a pair of thongs or G-strings. Also avoid lace or any other bumpy fabric. Remember, you want a nice, smooth bottom!

So there you have it!! Follow these guidelines and you will look smokin' in your white jeans no matter what the season!

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"Fashion rules are meant to be broken." I love that motto @babygurljrl. Fashion is meant to be fun, so experimenting what it's all about! This comment has been removed.
Love that first picture! I love white jeans! Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to put mine on! This comment has been removed.
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I love white jeans! I totally agree about your shoe rule. Match the season for sure! ;) This comment has been removed.
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