How to Mix Your Fashion Prints

How to Mix Your Fashion Prints
One of my favorite ways to work in new trends is by combining different prints. Not only does it give new life to your look, it also allows you to work more than one trend at a time. However, when mixing it up, you want to appear like you’ve coordinated an outfit, not mismatched your wardrobe. If you find yourself pining over more than one print, just keep in mind a few tips.

Tie in a solid color. When you are choosing prints, pick one solid color from both prints and pull the look together with a belt or jacket in that color.

Choose a similar color palette. Along the same lines of choosing one solid color to pull your outfit together, also keep the color palette of your prints in a similar shade. A bright red paisley doesn't really go well with pale pink checks. You don't want the outfit to look costume-y, just high fashion.

Select prints that make sense. If you’re choosing a wilder pattern, like animal print, then you don’t want to match that against something equally busy like a floral pattern. Keep it more subdued. Animal print shoes, for example, would be better paired with thin striped pants or a wide-striped shirt all within the same color family tree, of course.

Mix and match and come up with new combinations to keep your look fresh. Keep it fun, but keep it fashionable. The combining of prints was an allure to me since the early seasons of Sex and the City when Carrie Bradshaw pulled off the trend so fabulously. Are you a fan of this style? Which prints are your favorite?

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