How to mix prints

How to Mix Prints

Mixing Two Prints on One Outfit Is HUGE Right now...Learn How to Do It Right!

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You probably have a closet full of floral, stripes, polka dots and plaids but may have been told to never wear more then one print at a time. Well, starting today you can throw that rule right out the window!! Mixing more than one print is HUGE this Spring and you can and should jump on the bandwagon. However, like every fashion trend, there is a "right" way to do it to avoid looking like Bozo The Clown. Follow these tips and you will be mixing and matching like a high-fashion goddess in no time!

Balance- When mixing two intricate prints try to keep on in a neutral and the other in a bright color. The contrasting tones will play off of each other nicely.

-Repeat- Make sure one color repeats throughout both prints. For example: Green paisley with Green, Blue and White plaid.

Get Stripey- One of the simplest ways to experiment with mixing prints is by mixing stripes of different widths. Try a cardigan with thin stripes over a top with thick stripes. Looks well thought out yet effortlessly chic at the same time.

Mad Plaids- Another simple way to mix prints is by mixing different plaids. Plaids of all types look great together! Try a plaid fitted blazer over a plaid flannel!

Opposites Attract- Combine looser prints with more structured prints, such as big swirls with thin stripes.

Size Matters- Blend larger prints with small ones. For example: Gingham with a large floral pattern.

Random Pairs- Pair two totally different patterns together for a surprisingly chic look. My personal favorite pair is stripes with a floral pattern. You can never go wrong with floral and stripes!! Pair graphic prints with soft, feminine prints to create a contrast.

Hot and Cold- To avoid a dizzying wall of pattern, mix warm tones such as reds, oranges and yellows with cool tones such as blues, greens and purples. However, remember the rule: Keep on color consistent throughout both patterns.

Accessorize- When mixing prints be sure to keep your accessories in solid colors. A great way to marry to contrasting patterns is by wearing an accessory that is in a shade that is found between the two shades your wearing on the color wheel. For example: If you are wearing a deep pink top and a blue skirt, add a purple belt around your middle to tie it together. Also, do not be afraid to mix prints in your accessories too! Try a patterned boot with a patterned leotard!!

Two Of A Kind- Try mixing two matching prints in contrasting colours a la Rihanna, who paired two leopard prints in contrasting colours.

So there you have it!! Keep these tips in mind when mixing prints and you will look like you just strolled off the catwalk!!


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I LOVE this article because I'm a big fan of mixing things up and not have everything be so matchy matchy all the time. I like the stripes look a lot. This comment has been removed.
I like the pics that you suggested! Really fun! I feel like I dress so boring now lol This comment has been removed.
Not sure I'm bold enough to mix prints just yet, but I might start taking baby steps to try. Great article! This comment has been removed.
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