How to Dress Cute in Wintry Weather

How to Dress Cute in Wintry Weather

Don't Let the Weather Dampen Your Fashion

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Here in Southern California it keeps going from warm and sunny to cold and rainy. This is nothing in comparison to the impending winter storm set to hit the East Coast, but it doesn’t mean we get to wear our tank tops and flip flops just yet.

Although I suggest staying inside snuggled up in your comfiest sweats and warmest sweaters until you have to venture outside for work, class, groceries, whatever, when that time comes you don’t have to look like you’ve just rolled out of bed. You can still put together a cute outfit.

Rainboots are both functional and fashionable - my favorite mix. When we were kids our parents had us wear rainboots over our regular shoes to keep them dry. However, the rainboots they make now can serve as their own fashionable statement without any shoes underneath - just put on a pair of thick socks.

Pair with a cute dress and tights or pull over your jeans or leggings just as you would for other knee high or calf high boots. Another wintry weather wardrobe piece is the trench coat. If you go for a true trench coat, the material will help the water bead up and off your coat so you don’t feel (and look) like a drowned rat. While it’d be great if all of us could own a Burberry trench, you can find a similar style far cheaper or you can go bold in a bright color like green or light blue to cheer up a dreary day.

Also, now’s the time to pull out your favorite hat. It protects your hair from the conditions but also hides it from them as well. Colder, damp weather is sure to set your hair into a frizz and sometimes there’s nothing you can do about Mother Nature. A cute cloche or a newsboy cap to still look stylish but have the hair mostly covered until the weather improves.

What do you wear when the weather is a wintry mess?

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