How to Change a Look by Adding a Belt

How to Change a Look by Adding a Belt

Belt Your Dress to Change the Shape

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Belts are often an overlooked accessory. Yet, whenever I want to change the silhouette or style of an outfit, I always seem to reach for one. The best thing about belts is that they can change with the times and the trends. A solid black or brown belt for example will coordinate with a good portion of your wardrobe no matter what styles, patterns, and colors of your clothing may come and go.

Belts serve both the purpose of function: to create a shape (rarely do we use them to actually keep our pants up anymore!) or fashion: to add a splash of color or to pull a look together. A skinny belt does wonders to add an hourglass figure to t-shirt dresses or knee length shift. These two styles of dresses on their own can create a boxy shape, but the addition of a belt can create curves. Additionally, if you have a dress with a wild print that you want to tone down just a touch, adding a belt and matching shoes is an easy way to tie everything in.

If you are shopping for a belt, it’s always best to get a couple of basics. Skinny belts seem to work better for me because I have a short torso, but depending on the outfit, a thicker belt can be an appropriate addition. When you are shopping for a belt, imagine what you will be pairing it with and understand that certain belts will fit with certain looks and body types.

Braided, bejeweled and bigger buckle belts have been passed down the pipeline of trends, but before you invest in one of these make sure that it is of good quality (don’t let less expensive equal cheap looking) and ask yourself if you can name three things currently in your closet that you can wear it with.

My favorite ways to wear belts:

- with shift or wrap dresses to define shape
- to provide a contrast of color to break up a solid look
- to create a slimming effect best achieved with a slightly wider belt

How do you wear your belts?

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