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Not Your Boyfriend's Sweater

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I'm a sucker for fall and winter fashion trends, and one of my favorites is the sweater dress trend. Not sure why, but there's something so cute and festive about a sweater dress. Maybe it's the coziness or the the feeling of wearing what feels like an oversized, long winter sweater. Whatever it is, I'm into it.
In my opinion, the best way to rock a sweater dress is over black leggings or black tights. Dress it down with casual slouchy boots or flat motorcycle boots, or dress is up with high-heel boots or pumps. It's so versatile! Just one sweater dress can give you a lot of options.
Also, there's a huge range of knits being used for sweater dresses, so no matter if you live in sunny California or cold NYC, you can find a sweater dress to fit your needs. I have a heavier cable knit sweater dress for cooler days which I balance out with tights so I don't burn up, and a thinner cashmere sweater dress that I warm up with thicker leggings. Again, totally versatile.
You can't go wrong with a seasonal color like burnt orange, maroon, brown or black either. Material, color, cut...there are a lot of options to choose from with this trend. One thing's for sure, sweater dresses are super stylish and well-tailored not your boyfriend's slouchy old winter sweater.

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