Happy Birthday to the Fendi Baguette

Happy Birthday to the Fendi Baguette

Sex and the City Style Flashback

fendi baguette
Sex and the City is a fashion touchstone for women of all ages and all fashion backgrounds. Whether you loved the show from its inception or have come to love it over the years, one thing can't be disputed: It definitely took the fashion game up a notch. The show brought to light many celebrity designers and styles to "everyday people" not used to hearing names like Louis Vuitton, Versace, Fendi.

Patricia Field served as the styling genius behind the show. If New York City was the show's fifth "character", then fashion was definitely its sixth. One of the iconic pieces chosen was the Fendi baguette, and this month it celebrates its 15th birthday! To mark the anniversary, Fendi is reissuing six versions of the bag making fashion hearts flutter. While seemingly simple in structure, the baguette is a fantastic everyday bag that serves as a good alternative to the larger totes we carry around day-to-day.

Of course not everyone can afford designer-brand fashion, but fortunately, with the "rebirth" of the bag, then it's only a matter of time before the style trickles down to a store near you at a more affordable price. Take a look through the six Fendi styles and pick out one that speaks to you. Personally, I wouldn't so no to any of them. They all serve as pieces of art to me. And with any luck, one day that art will be hanging oh so elegantly in my closet.

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I like the difference in patterns. Such creativity. This comment has been removed.
Fendi was my first designer handbag and sunglasses. I will always love their stuff <3 This comment has been removed.
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