An Little ARTICLE on Foot Wear Hope You Like!!!!!!!!!!

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Well we all need to know the fashion about our foot wear as well as our clothes so i am doing an ARTICLE on what stylish shoes we should are really nice and their are so many to choose from as i have hundreds and keep them in my draw however never wear them!i must start with toms they are really famous and that is why the toms is on my main picture as 2012 shoes have toms written all over it i mean they are for men and women and very comfortable to wear everyday if you want to some people hate them like my friend Alisha she says heels and sandals are her friend but i say NO you don't just need to look at them and say they are horrible make sure they are nice and comfortable for your feet however if you really hate how it looks then it doesn't matter just remember as long as you like these shoes then buy them but again we all are different thanks for looking at this artical please look at the picture thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!f.y.i this took a long time so i hope you enjoyed it.

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