Five Things I Need in My Wardrobe for 2012

Five Things I Need in My Wardrobe for 2012
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I want to add some new pieces to my wardrobe in 2012. I’ve already given up on my fashion resolution I used to make every year: wear less black. It just can’t be done. It’s my favorite color. Instead, I want to get in on some trends that I admire on others and try to work them into my wardrobe. Trends from 2011 included: a fedora hat and leggings – 2012 needs to be bigger and better.

A Cape

Yes, I’ve been reading the trends on Taaz and have been swayed and convinced that I definitely need a cape. Not one too big because I’m shorter and I don’t want to look swallowed by it. But I think it’s a chic look and I can wear it almost year-round if I get it a light, soft fabric. Thankful for the weather in Southern California!


Every spring I see these in all the magazines and every year I think, I’m going to at least try a pair on. I never used to like them, but more and more I’m finding cute pairs that I can picture wearing with certain outfits. I especially like the cork wedges with different patterns. A few years ago, I was anti-flats and now I have four pairs of them. So, I feel that this shoe will make its way into my closet in 2012 if I just give it a try.


Again, with me being short, I haven’t found the right length and fabric for one, but I adore this look. Forever 21 had some really beautiful ones last year for under twenty bucks, but they were all were too long for me and left quite a train. Which maybe dress trains could be trend for 2012?


If I’m going to get a maxi-dress, I feel like sandals are the obvious footwear choice. I’m not quite a fan of the ones that tie around my leg, but who knows what I’ll find. Fortunately, my work environment has a pretty casual dress code, so if I find a good pair I can wear them to work too.

A Classic Watch

When I lived in New York, I was addicted to Swatch watches; mainly, because the Times Square store was a block from where I worked. I typically rely on my cell phone to check time, but I do want a chunky statement watch to wear everywhere. My hair stylist actually had a men’s silver Marc Jacobs watch that I loved and one of male co-workers has this very cool watch that has a thick leather cuff band. A men’s watch may be the way to go!

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Ok love the wedges. Those are a must. Also re: MJ watch, great minds must think alike ;) This comment has been removed.
Great article! Yes, wedges forsure! I like the capes too! This comment has been removed.
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