Fashion Highlights from the 2012 Summer Olympics

Fashion Highlights From the 2012 Summer Olympics

Let the Games Begin!

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Thank goodness for DVR when watching the Opening Ceremonies go through all the countries in 2012’s Summer Olympics in London. Although this is literally a cultural, fashion feast for the eyes, it can last awhile! Some of the outfits were cheeky and cute; “Bermuda” shorts, anyone? But also, there’s something sort of spectacular about watching the world’s finest athletes excited and happy to be representing their respective countries no matter what they are wearing.

Some highlights of the night included Paraguay. Definitely a chic way to do red, white and blue. Even though the men in their blazers and hats resembled a little bit of barbershop singers, the women looked stunning in simple, red wrap dresses. Those lucky ladies, who didn’t have to be stuck wearing tennis shoes with pencil skirts, like Finland.

Speaking of red, white and blue, I have to say USA wasn’t my favorite. The outfits themselves were definitely an iconic image from designer Ralph Lauren, but maybe a little too stuffy for my taste. The blazer was nice, the ascot not too bad, but then add on the beret and pleated skirt, and it seems to be overkill. However, the look was classic American, perfectly tailored and still stylish and that is what the look was meant to represent. Go Team USA!

Cook Islands had to be one of my favorite looks, as anything beach-inspired is ok by me. What looked like sarongs turned out to be...pantsuits, I believe? And what a great mix of comfort and tradition when representing their island spirit. Plus, anytime you add on a lei, it always makes you feel like you’re on vacation and instantly puts you in a good mood.

Too many highlights to name, but the fashion of the Opening Ceremonies did not disappoint. This traditional way of kicking off the Olympics always creates a certain excitement in the air. I know I already have Women’s Gymnastics and Men’s Swimming on my list to watch. What Olympic looks were your favorite? Which sports are you ready to see? Did you think your country was properly represented fashion-wise?

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Thanks for sharing! I missed them :( Ya USA uniforms were total overkill. This comment has been removed.
I did not like Team USA outfits either...too much going on! I always like the outfits for the Winter games better. The skirts on the women were over the top. Thanks for sharing! This comment has been removed.
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