Fashion Blunders that can ---r look at a Wedding…

Fashion Blunders That Can ---R Look at a Wedding Party
One tries to be very precise and confined when it comes to wedding. But there are times when women go on adhering to a particular style just because they are too comfortable in it. Remaining loyal to just one particular look and not ready to experiment is something very stagnant. Let's have a look at some basic blunders we make when we attend a wedding party.

What's the basic thing that you are judged upon at a wedding occasion? Whoops! The clothes? Carrying body suiting clothes, perfect length for western dresses and comfortable neck designs for salwar kameez depicts our clothing sense. What we are almost everything then I must say you are the one who makes the clothes look good not vice versa.

1. Not removing price tags

Many of us are in a habit of buying net outfits when ever a wedding occasion arrives.
Imagine you just got a new anarkali dress for yourself & guess what? At the wedding
some stranger approaches you and says ”'Excuse me, you forgot to remove the price tag?
OMG, that's too much ahead to embarrassment. So, add this particular mishap in your
check list of what to do.

2, Choosing the write Attires

If you are wearing something traditional like the Indian salwar kameez. Since these are
designed with contrasting color combos and in varying lengths, one must be very careful
when it comes to choosing both these factors. Too short length and excessive use of
blinking colors can cause a havoc to the look.

3. Keeping up the right make up and jewelery

You don't need to look like a vanity van when to step out to a wedding. Try to keep it
minimal when it comes to make up. After all, make up is something that has to be in a way
where is more hidden yet personifying. Next, thing is the jewelery and the accessories.
Whether its gold, diamonds or platinum try to keep it subtle , which matches well with your
attire. Same goes for artificial jewelery..

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Great tips! How embarrassing would it be to have a price tag stuck to your outfit or shoe! Scary! This comment has been removed.
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