Fashion Alphabet: B is for Bib Necklaces

Fashion Alphabet: B Is for Bib Necklaces
bib collar necklace
coral bib necklace
mesh bib
feather bib
Bib necklaces are the ultimate in fashion statements as far as neck adornments go. They're slowly changing in styles from the gradual increase of layers to a bib collar necklace as recently seen on some celebrities (including a YouTube beauty lover favorite - Kandee Johnson).

As with all accessories, the bib necklace can instantly change the look and in this case, in a very bold way. You can add a colorful beaded bib necklace to an otherwise plain, black dress and have an instant special occasion outfit. You can pair one with a white tank and jeans and heels and be ready for a date night.

The thing about the bib necklace though is that you don't want to overcrowd your look by wearing additional accessories. While I tend to like to wear more accessories than necessary, even I tend to tone it down if wearing such a necklace statement.

If you are wanting to try the look, but not sure if you'll love it, you can be them for fairly inexpensive at places like New York & Company, Express and Forever 21. I've seen them in different colors, mesh, metallics, feathers, and even some DIY-inspired styles. There is no limit in the ways you can wear them and it's yet another fashionable addition to your accessories collection.


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