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Doesn't matter if it's lace or a cotton dress, country or modern belt, this mix-match combo of dresses and belts is sure to look wonderful on anybody. This cute springy themed idea will add funk to your basic dresses.

If it's anything like a LBD or a floral teeny dress (featured in pictures), I would pair it with a bulky latch belt. With a little pop of color mixed, go swish your dress girl, let loose your funky side! Then for something with a croped side of sorts, pair it with a low tone medium sized belt. This will add a chic side to you, and your dress! Shh.. shh.. time to be elegant! Pair a lace or pleated dress with a thin belt. This tiny little indention into your dress will keep you mysterious, yet.. you. Woo hoo! Let's go casually and colored out. Simply beautiful with a simple belt.

Colors you ask? Well color me.. impressed! I thought you would create your own style.. well then. For the bulky belt, I recommend a print. Leapord, zebra, or even floral.. this will improve your funki-ness. Also for a belt pick a color that will contrast.. Like yellow and black leapord with white belt! For the medium sized belt, go a full color. Same with thin, and simple.
Create your own! Pick out an old dress of your and pop on a belt! What are your creative ideas?

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i love long dress with skinny belt on=) This comment has been removed.
I love belts with dresses! I have a black skinny belt that I wear with nearly everything. But I also have a studded black belt and a mustard yellow skinny belt that work well with a lot too. This comment has been removed.
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