Dress To Flatter Yourself


Dress to Flatter Yourself :

There are sooo many different body shapes/types on this planet, but here are some ideas that work pretty well for each different body shape. They help to minimize what you may not like about yourself, and maximize what you do, that way you may always feel good about how you look, no matter what shape, height, size, or weight you are!

If you have short legs and a long torso you might want to try the following: (they say that with this body type, if you are unhappy with your shape, you will want to create the illusion of a shorter torso and longer legs).

Wear scarves, jewelry, and/or shirts with designs that drawn attention to your upper body, (i.e, shoulders, neck, and face).

Wear medium to high heels (personally, i swear by high, high, heels and platforms, because i am very small and they lengthen my entire body, but you want to do what you feel comfortable with!)

Wear short tops! Wearing short tops with high waist pants will really raise the waistline and make you look like you've got long legs and a short torso.

Buy your pants a little long and make sure that the hem touches the ground (lengthens the legs)

Wear layered tops, straight skirts, and any type of belt other than a thin one (for the waist).

If you have a fairly balanced body (your upper body is about the same length as your lower half) then you might want to try these:

Wearing accessories that bring attention to your shoulders, neck, and face.

Depending on your style, a long flowy top can enlongate your waist (personally, the flowy look swallows me whole and looks horrible, but that is just on me. I love the actual look itself, i would really reccommend this to people with long legs).

Wear tops and dresses that are fitted at the intake of your waist or a little below (that really draws the emphasis to your waistline)

If you have long legs and a short torso, these are good to try:
Long accessories (sweater necklaces for example)

Wear your shirts untucked

Wear straight and flared pants, shirts and dresses that are flowy through the waist, straight and/or flared skirts!

Check out these websites for more info!

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