Creating Fashion Fixes from Styling Misses

Creating Fashion Fixes From Styling Misses
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As evident from this Beyonce/Christie Brinkley photo, two people can wear the very same article of clothing, but can be styled in very different ways. And, that's not always a good thing! (Do better, Christie.) I read a lot of gossip magazines, DVR a lot of reality television, which means that I see a LOT of styling misses such as this. While sometimes the "style" mimics the celebrity's personality, I've seen a couple of shows with awful styling that could be easily fixed. Let's see if you agree with me...

Ill-fitting Clothes

Having a curvier figure doesn't mean baggy clothes. A couple of mistakes I've seen is wearing too full of skirts or too big of jackets. With so much fabric, it swallows a person. I posted a video earlier depicting outfits for curvier figures and it's all about accentuating the positives and creating a flattering shape. Fix: Slim v-neck shirts, above the knee pencil skirts, fitted blazers are all fashion musts, and work well for any shape and size. The correct fit counts for a lot.

Trying Too Hard to Be Trendy

Sometimes we get inundated with so many trends that it feels like overload. Although it's fun to try out new trends, trying them out all at once is a fashionable risk not to be taken. Certain trends combined can be daring, but make sure you're putting together an outfit with purpose and not just piling one trend on top of the other. Fix: Pick two or three trends that you like and work them into your already existing wardrobe. Like polka dots and bold colors? Pair neutral accessories with a bold colored polka dot dress. Instant chic!

Lost Details

I saw a contestant on The Voice styled in a form fitting dress, leather jacket and...loafers. Talk about an odd mismatch. While mixing up different styles is a great fashion idea, make sure that you're still paying attention to details. Loafers with a fancy dress kills a look and makes a person, no matter what height, look frumpy. Fix: If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. Meaning, if you are wearing such a dress, try on different pairs of shoes - wedges, heels, ankle boots - and decide what is best for the overall look. Attention to detail, including shoes and accessories, is what can make or break or look.

These were some of the styling misses that made me groan over the past week. What are some styling mistakes you've seen lately?


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Agree! I do not like the "over-accessorized" look! This comment has been removed.
Yep, baggy clothes are unnecessary. There's a different between loose clothes and just sloppy. This comment has been removed.
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