Concert Fashion

Concert Fashion
concert fashion
Concert season is upon us! Most big tours begin in spring and go through summer, making it a great time to catch live music. But then it comes down to: what to wear? Depending on what type of music it is, where the venue is at and how long you'll be standing on your feet, concert fashion can be fun.

Alternative Acoustics

If you're planning a more laid-back concert, maybe outdoors on the lawn or at a smaller venue, then pick a casual, girly outfit. A maxi dress with a pair of cute wedges are the perfect option since you'll have an option to sit down. Layering on the bracelets and thin strands of necklaces can pump up the style. And, leave your hair low maintenance in beachy waves or a loose ponytail - it's the perfect time for music and fashion to create a comfy, trendy mix.

Country Croons

Bust out your blue jeans and pull on your cowboy boots for some crowd stomping fun. If it's going to be a hot day, wear your cutoff jean shorts, a comfy tee and a cowboy hat, which will keep you cool and protect your skin from the sun. Layer on some leather bands and silver hoops and you'll be right at home with the fun and rowdy crowd. Most of the time country concerts are full energy, so make sure you have your boots properly broken in as you'll be standing for hours.

Rockin' Rave

If you're going to a high energy rock concert, where there is a chance there might be a mosh pit or rush to the stage, make sure you're wearing sturdy shoes. If you don't own any steel-toed boots, I suggest Converse sneakers. Mine have a solid toe that come in handy for the people who continue to step on them throughout the day. Mostly anything goes at rock concerts, so break out your ripped up boyfriend jeans and zip up your favorite hoodie and be ready to rock out. Keep the jewelry minimal, but the makeup fierce with neon colors or dramatic liner and embrace the vibe of the show.

You don't have to sacrifice comfort for fashion or vice-versa when it comes to concert fashion. However the mood hits you, and the way the music makes you feel should inspire how you dress for the show. Have fun!

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I'll try to get some street style photos from all the concerts I go to this year. The fashion always amazes...and not always in a good way! ;) This comment has been removed.
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Cool article! These are some great tips for keeping it stylish but totally appropriate for the event. I love that long dress and cowboy boots! This comment has been removed.
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